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Some tips for bathroom faucets purchasing

Norris posted @ 2015年6月24日 10:01 in 未分类 , 271 阅读

Which faucets is better for using?

Now in the building materials city low-grade faucets have been hard to find. Only sale in a small shop in the street, because the main shop in the building materials city are of high-grade domestic and imported brands. The price of well-known brands is almost in a thousand dollars, or even million, but customers seem to buy the bathroom shower faucet with first consideration is not price, but the style and function, especially for high-income households. Because imported faucets are varieties, you buy a brand of faucet they all used to meet in the kitchen and bathroom. In this way, style uniform, and save the trouble of East pick West constituency. In this regard it was a single domestic brand models, not much variety. But the quality, the difference between domestic and imported brands is not large, domestic brands are in line with the national standard open times, more than 5 million times, life in about 12 years, with the imported brands considerably.

bathroom shower faucet

Mixing water faucets

Due to the widespread use of the water heater so that the faucet switch has been a fundamental change, and now the main selling products is as "mix water faucet" to the based. The so-called "mixed water faucet" is to mix hot and cold water, and can adjust the tap water temperature. The internal structure of precision ceramic plate or steel spool control the water flow, the outlet is equipped with a stainless steel grille, discharged water is not scattered, gives a soft feeling. This mostly single handle faucet is turned on, the operation is very convenient, just gently touch enabled, you can open, then gently rotate, you can adjust the water temperature. Especially in the kitchen, you can install "mixed water faucet" to reduce a lot of hassle to the kitchen.

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